The Good Toy Guide recommends Bits & Bytes

We’re very proud here in Bits & Bytes Tower to announce that after considerable reviewing, the Good Toy Guide are recommending Bits & Bytes.

You can read more about it here…¬†Click here to see more on the Good Toy Guide recommendation

According to the Good Toy Guide, by children playing Bits and Bytes it will help them learn the following types of skills:

  • Types of skills developed:¬†Cognitive
  • Computing and Technology
  • Decision making
  • Following instructions
  • Listening and attention
  • Logic, strategy & problem solving
  • Maths
  • Personal, social & emotional development
  • Physical & motor skills
  • Self confidence
  • Teamwork, turn taking & sharing
  • Understanding the world

And we know it can help children learn much more.

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