The first sample set has arrived

And we think it looks great!

The quality of card is great and the images are vivid. Since it arrived we have taken it in to a few schools for their opinion of the quality and the feedback has been fantastic. The kids are going to love playing Bits & Bytes. We’ve attached a few photos below…

[slider animation=”slide” slide_time=”4000″ slide_speed=”500″ slideshow=”true” random=”true” control_nav=”true” prev_next_nav=”true” no_container=”true”] [slide] [image src=”” alt=”Bits and Bytes still in the box” type=”thumbnail”] [/slide] [slide] [image src=”” alt=”Some of the cards from Bits and Bytes” type=”thumbnail”] [/slide]  [slide] [image src=”” alt=”Bits and Bytes” type=”thumbnail”] [/slide][/slider]

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