Tah day! We’ve reached our goal but why it’s important to go further!

Yesterday was a huge day for Bits & Bytes as it hit its target fund raising goal on Indiegogo. We can now proceed to the full production run, but with all things like this. The more games we produce the cheaper it will be (for example: going from 500 decks to 1000 decks makes it about 25% cheaper per deck to produce). Also, the more funds raised the more we can spend on the cards ensuring they are of the highest possible quality.

But more than this, the more funds we raise – the cheaper the production run and the better quality the cards are – and the more games we can give to primary schools in the UK for FREE.

Children can learn the fundamentals of computer coding, without using a computer, and Bits & Bytes will prove it.

Why should parents/teachers/schools have to increase the amount of “screen time” a child has (, simply to comply with the new curriculum. The answer is they shouldn’t have to but the alternatives are limited and expensive – except for Bits & Bytes.

Bits & Bytes is a first. It’s simply to pay, it’s fun, it’s affordable, it teaches the fundamentals of computer coding, and it’s a card game!

The more schools/parents/teachers that are aware of Bits & Bytes then the greater the chance is that children will begin their journey into the world of computer coding without having to use a computer or electronic device. Children will be developing a logical and problem solving mindset without realising it and while having fun (and adults don’t need to understand computers to make this happen).

Sounds empowering right?

Please spread the word and support Bits & Bytes.

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