Reflecting on the crowd funding campaign to date

With FOUR days to go, and considering it’s a Sunday, I thought I would reflect on the past few weeks of running the crowd funding campaign. I’ll save my comments on Indiegogo for another blog post (they have been a bit of a nightmare unfortunately – but the campaign has succeeded despite them).

One week before the campaign went live everything was finally in place (the website was finished, manufacturer ready, etc). That was when I started the Facebook and Twitter presence to raise awareness and help communicate our achievements over the campaign (and don’t worry we’ll continue to use social media in the future to keep people aware of what we’re doing).

The campaign started with close friends and family contributing and as the days passed others spread the word and more people contributed. Leading people in the field of technology and education have supported Bits & Bytes. It’s been amazing to watch and I wasn’t quite sure it would be a success but WOW!

With 4 days to go we’ve raised 125% of the target, generated almost 150 games to donate to primary schools in the UK, have nearly 300 followers on Twitter, over 100 people liking Bits & Bytes on Facebook, have been interviewed/article written for four different publications, sold the game to Germany, USA, Australia, Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden and of course the UK.

All this and the game is still to come (late October). Imagine what might happen once we have the game and it’s been made possible because of you guys and our supporters. So a big thank you from me and pat yourself on the back from me. Thanks again.

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