Our children should be a generation of creators

We’re a day and a half into the crowd funding campaign and already we have picked up some great supporters who share our passion for providing as many children as possible with the tools they need to learn the fundamentals of coding. Bits & Bytes is one such tool.

I think it is important to remind people of why it is important for children to learn coding. I was putting this post together but then found this quote which I think sums it up perfectly, so rather than “rebuild the wheel”…

As Joanna Shields, the Chair of Tech City UK and a Non-Executive Director of the London Stock Exchange Group, says:

The way we work, live and experience the world is changing. Digital tools are helping everyone, not just engineers and computer scientists, to create exciting new experiences, products and services. If we want our kids to be more than just passive consumers – if we want them to become a generation of creators and makers – we need to teach them about the building blocks of today’s world.”

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