Bits and Bytes recommended in the Teach Computer Science guide

Computing at School Scotland in conjunction with the University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow and the University of Sterling have published a “Guide for Early Years and Primary Practitioners”, recommending Bits and Bytes as a resource to assist practicing Computer Science educators to fulfil the outcomes for the Scottish Curriculum.

Bits and Bytes recommended to fulfil Education requirements in Scottish curriculum

The guide introduces and explains the Computing Science (CS) Organisers and the updated experiences and outcomes and Benchmarks. It provides an exemplification guide and resources for use in Early and Primary years. It is the result of four years of work drawing on:

• Research literature in CS education
• A range of international curriculum efforts
• Experience of best-practice CS pedagogy in Scottish primary and secondary contexts
• Teaching resources from across the world

The authors are all practising CS educators, bringing experience of teacher education, CS education research, resource creation, as well as deep knowledge of the discipline of computing science. They are keenly aware of the challenges involved in CS teaching.

Bits and Bytes recommended to fulfil Education requirements in Scottish curriculum

Bits and Bytes is a great STEM tool to help teach children fundamentals such as designing, building and testing computing solutions. And we love hearing how educators are using Bits and Bytes as part of their efforts to fulfil their curriculum. Bits and Bytes is a simple and fun game for children to play and, best of all, no computer is required. The children are interacting, socialising, having fun and at the same time learning the fundamentals of computer programming.

If you would like to download the full guide you can do so from here –

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