Bits and Bytes STEM Card Games for kids

Codo, the Coding Card Game Codo
For ages
7 to 12
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The cards used in Bits and Bytes card game More Information Bits & Bytes
For ages
4 to 9
Codo. The hero of the game, Codo the coding card game

Empowering minds through play

Bits and Bytes Games create analogue games for a digital world. Games that are, first and foremost, fun for children to play and at the same time educational. Children are having fun and, without realising, they are learning at the same time.


The dreaded CPU from Bits and Bytes the card game

What Teachers have said...

Slide The game was popular with children from reception
through to year 6. The rules were easy to understand 
and the game appealed to both girls and boys who
enjoyed playing it.
Mrs Gill Little
Primary School Teacher
Slide Ms Vicki Grey
Year 5 and 6 School Teacher
We were impressed to discover that Bits and Bytes
held as much appeal for our Year 6 computer
experts as it did for our Reception pupils.
Slide The game is a great platform for encouraging the
use of coding vocabulary – pupils were eager to
teach each other the game and resources were easy
to organise. It was useful to have the children
learning computer skills without the need for a PC.
Ms Shannon Thewlis
Year 5 and 6 teacher
Slide As a parent, teacher and member of the school
council, I feel this is an invaluable tool to help
primary aged pupils learn about computer
programming in a fun way. It supports all the
values of the curriculum for excellence.
Ms Alison Ford
Special Needs Teacher


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